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Trans-Quip Inc. provides the top-notch customer service that only a smaller, more flexible and responsive firm can offer. We’re friendly, fast and knowledgeable.

Fast Delivery

Trans-Quip Inc. distributes their products anywhere in North America. When you need something fast, we
can often Supply products within a 5 Day period. How can our delivery times be so quick? Here’s the answer:

  1. Trans-Quip Inc. keeps an inventory of standard jacks (250 lbs. to 20 tons) onsite.
  2. Our Manufacturers, JoyceDayton Corp and Southworth Corp are very responsive.
  3. Trans-Quip Inc.’s small size allows us to be very flexible – we don’t have layers of bureaucracy to cut through to expedite an order.

Transquip Inc’s Suppliers are all ISO 9000 Certified and their products comply with strict Canadian Standards.

Customer Service

Transquip Inc’s communication lines, E-Mail and Fax are always open 24/7, and our Manufacturers Application
Engineers are available to answer any technical questions.

We provide a one year warranty from date of invoice for all our products. If you are not satisfied with the product, it can be returned and we will issue full credit. We accept payment in the form of Cheque, Certified cheque, Draft, Visa, Mastercard and American Express for your convenience. Our payment terms are flexible and we accept Net 30 Days.

Transquip Inc works closely with JoyceDayton’s and Southworth’s Application Engineers.

Technical Resources

We want to be sure that our customers achieve their project designs and/or maintenance goals. We can provide you with the latest detailed product catalogues and CD-Roms with JAX®V2.0 specification software. We can also provide literature or drawings upon request.

Transquip inc is the Canadian Authorized Distributor for JoyceDayton Corp, Southworth Corporation, International Bellows and Covers.

Here’s a list of some online resources that you may also find useful:


Onsite Support

Our Trans-Quip Inc. sales associates are available for onsite application review and technical consultation.